Rock Island Armory ROCK Standard FS | 9mm | Free Portable Pistol Safe


Rock Island Armory ROCK Standard FS | 9mm

Rock Island Armory ROCK Standard FS
Rock Island Armory ROCK Standard FS

Rock Island Armory ROCK Standard FS | 9mm is built in traditional 70-series design and delivered with our top quality production and engineering standards. This pistol is chambered in 9mm with a 5” button rifled barrel supported by a full length guide rod.

Smooth-angled, snag-free style allows for quick draw in fast need situations. Includes a low profile angled rear sight along with skeletonized hammer and trigger with adjustable over travel stop and ambidextrous safety. It’s finished with a tough parkerized matte coating and comes with checkered rubber grips. Glock for sale, True to all Rock Island 1911s, the Rock Standard comes with a crisp, factory 4- to 6-pound trigger to give you a great experience right out of the box.

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Rock Island Armory ROCK Standard FS
Rock Island Armory ROCK Standard FS
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